Cullisse Highland Rapeseed Oil 100ml


100ml glass bottle of Rapeseed Oil. Gently cold pressed in the Highlands of Scotland.

Although very versatile Cullisse Highland Rapeseed Oil is best enjoyed cold with home-baked bread, drizzled over a salad or used to make delicious dressings or mayonnaise.

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As the most northerly cold pressed rapeseed oil, Cullisse Highland Rapeseed Oil benefits from the unique micro-climate and fertile soils of Easter Ross in the Scottish Highlands where the naturally healthy properties of the rapeseed are nurtured in the seed pods during the extra long days of light that distinguish a Highland Summer.

Taste Notes: All cold-pressed rapeseed oils have different characteristics depending on the variety of seeds pressed and the soil and climate in which they are grown. Cullisse Rapeseed Oil imparts a silky butteriness and summer grassiness with hints of asparagus, pea shoots and freshly picked garden peas. Some palates may also detect a very subtle nuttiness.

Although very versatile this oil is best enjoyed cold with home-baked bread, drizzled over a salad or used to make delicious dressings or mayonnaise.


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100ml Glass bottle


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Cullisse Oils

“For over 150 years the Mackenzie family have farmed the rich, fertile soils of Easter Ross, surrounded by the beautiful coastlines of the Moray, Cromarty and Dornoch firths, and sheltered by the rugged mountains of the northwest Highland range.

The Mackenzie family operates a commercial farming business where yields are integral to the financial viability of each enterprise. But environmental sustainability and ensuring a clean and thriving landscape for future generations are equally as important. Coupled with Robert’s desire to give something back to the communities that inspired him in Africa it could be said that the ethos at ‘Cullisse’ is synonymous with that of an old Maori proverb – “care for the land, care for the people, go forward”.

“We promise to be creative in all that we do”. Whether it is our unique packaging or innovative new product lines, Cullisse offers customers a quality Highland product with a taste of life at Cullisse and a flavour of the family’s adventures around the world.

“We promise to care for the land, the environment and the people who have inspired us”.  The Mackenzie family is committed to caring for the soil that produces their crops and the environment that the farm is part of. The rapeseed is planted using a minimum tillage technique, which minimises soil manipulation, and all the rapeseed grown at Cullisse is neonicotinoid free. Each year local beekeepers place their hives near rapeseed fields at Cullisse, aiding the pollination of the crops and getting the honeybees busy and active early in the season. 

20p from every litre sold of Cullisse Highland Rapeseed Oil is donated to the Charity ‘Farm Africa’.”