Escape Room In An Envelope – The Blunder


An Escape Room in an Envelope! A dinner party game – perfect for Christmas day.

Players: 1-8  Age: 14+  Time: 60-90 minutes

100% recyclable, plastic-free and made by a small business in the UK.

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An at-home escape room game that can be played around your own table. Perfect for dinner parties and a great alternative to the Christmas day game of Monopoly!


The Story

The Blunder: While James was travelling through China, he made a devastating and embarrassing mistake. He sent a very private message to the wrong people and he’s in big trouble if this gets out.

How To Play

Solve all nine puzzles to reveal the passcode to the online vault, break into the vault where the files are hidden and delete them all before it’s too late!

Players: 1-8

Age: 14+

Time: 60-90 minutes

Additional Info

Dimensions: 29.7cm x 21cm x 2cm

100% recyclable and plastic-free

Made by a small business in the UK