So that’s another Fisherfolk Festival behind us and what a Festival it was! A massive thank you to the organizers for their brilliant planning and positive attitudes despite the weather!

Rev. Andrew MacLeod was invited to give a short talk about Faith. With the theme for the weekend being ‘If You’ve Got It Flaunt It’ Andrew told us about a very special man who came from these villages, his name was Rev. John Ross.

What was special about this man was that his flaunting was all about Christ. He wanted to tell people about their need for Christ and how he went out as a Missionary to Manchuria. His dedication and work brought him to the task of translating the Bible into Korean. He certainly ‘Let his Light Shine’. In fact, a friend once told him that it was better to be a spark in China than a flame in the Highlands. He certainly proved that to be true.

With such a buzz going on in the Hall, Andrew did well to hold everyone’s attention.

One of our locals William Paterson comes along every year and demonstrates these wonderful traditions.

We moved William and his net mending this year to within the Play Park and William was kept quite busy with a steady stream of folks watching and having a go at mending nets, thank you William it’s good to keep these old traditions going.

Let us not forget the various bands which entertained us with live music throughout the day – Gizzen Briggs, Seaboard Sessions and The Port Ceilidh Band, we were treated to a selection of traditional and contemporary music throughout the day which was enjoyed by all.

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