I went back down to the sea again to the lonely sea and the sky
Where I left my socks and shoes last year, I wonder if they’re dry
Spike Milligan / Maureen Ross

With our 2021 Fisherfolk Festival cancelled once again, we have decided that we will look back 100 years prior.

Let us dive into the history of our proud Pictish Stones.

The Hilton of Cadboll stone has been removed from Invergordon Castle and given to the British Museum in London by Captain McLeod of Cadboll, the whole country is up in arms that such an important antiquary has left Scotland, it is hoped that the London Museum can be persuaded to refuse the stone and it will be put to Edinburgh instead.

The famous Cadboll brooch already resides in the London museum after being given to it by Captain McLeod’s grandfather.

The British Museum has decided, because of the disquiet in Scotland over the removal of the Hilton of Cadboll Stone to England, they will refuse Captain MacLeod of Cadboll’s offer.

The stone will now be found a resting place in Scotland.